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 With water fed poles we can clean all kinds of UPVC  such as cladding and high level.

The traditional methods to clean UPVC cladding is by using ladders which can sometimes leave marks and is  also a very long winded way to do it, or by using an elevated mobile platform either a cherry picker or scissor lift which is an expensive way to do it,

 with a water fed pole the cladding can be cleaned safely from the ground and in a quicker time.

 It is also cost effective and kinder to the environment as no chemicals are used only pure water




UPVC is now largely used for windows and doors, gutters, fascias, drain pipes and more! It can last many years. However, the pollutants in the air, acid rain, oil, bird droppings, moss and algae can soon rest on the UPVC surface. Cleaning can be quite time consuming and hard work, not to mention the health and safety issues. But if left, then this surface dirt becomes ingrained and becomes much more difficult to clean. This and the suns UV rays also causes discolouration.






  This is where window cleaning specialist come in! we are UPVC cleaning & 

 maintenance specialists. Our packages are tailored to your requirements, 

 which include the maintenance, general cleaning and restoration of your 

 windows, doors, conservatories, cladding, fascias, gutters, soffits and more!

 Using our new 21st century technology we can efficiently clean all your 

 UPVC plastics using 100% pure water methods. Unlike using cloths this 

 system uses a brush and pure water to clean the plastics which restores the

 surface to its original colour. We guarantee you will be impressed with our 

 results that if you’re not happy we will re clean it for FREE!






Using this system we can clean your:


* Fascia board & soffits (including your gutters empty & clean)

* Window frames & sills

* Conservatory roof’s and plastics


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Pure water removes moss and any other form of growing algae

When pure water is used the sparkling results are instance

You can see a big change in the colour of the Upvc

As the water is used with the water fed pole you can see the pure water turning white as it Removes the dull layer from the Upvc bringing it back to nearly new looking


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