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Awning Cleaning  




Signs have always been difficult to clean, trying to find places to lean a ladder which does not damage the sign, having to take risks by leaning to far over to try and reach inaccessible areas. With water fed pole you have no worries as you clean the signs from the ground making it safer and more cost effective and it is kinder to the environment as no chemicals are used only pure water


Signs & awnings are to add character and beauty to a home or business. Dirty awnings negotiate these important reasons for having awnings/signs in the first place. In addition, unmaintained awnings/signs degrade rapidly and eventually need replacement up to twice as quickly as an otherwise properly maintained awning.


Periodic cleaning is the best way to maintain the integrity of fabrics, seam and color and avoiding the unnecessary expense of premature replacement.


We would encourage any owner of an awning to protect their investment by regularly cleaning. This will certainly help extend the life expectancy and will keep your awning looking tip top, the way it should look.




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