So can you tell

the diffrence ?

 Choosing a window cleaner


Once upon a time  

  window cleaning gave the

        image of a scruffy

looking Man with a ladder, a

bucket with not so clean water and old cleaning rags.



 Today’s window cleaners are highly professional.



At least, some of them are. There are still casual workers around.









Is this your window

cleaner ?


Check out the following



Window cleaning Specialist is member of the master guild of window cleaners. That tells you to expect a professional service.  








Professional window cleaners have left their Ladders behind



We at Window cleaning Specialist work to the highest standards


over the last few years its been hard to find window cleaners but now as there are fewer jobs around iv seen more & more ladder window cleaners

 also water fed pole ones too


But for your best interest before you employ a window cleaner its best

 to do your home work.


1. Do they have liability insurance


2. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices


3. 9 out of 10 professional window cleaners are uniformed


4. Professional window cleaners accept cheque’s in there company name


5. 9 out of 10 window cleaners vehicles are sing written


6. When you send  the window cleaner a cheque is it in there name or the companys name


7. Do they have a real address and not a PO BOX


8. Can you Call by there house to pay if you wish  

(They come to your house)


What happens if you out anytime and the window cleaner calls is your property safe?


Are they just  T shirt window cleaners or do they clean all year round?


Do they just turn up on the hop skip and a catch?


I hope this information helps you choose the right window cleaner

not a casual worker







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