Conservatory Cleaning


 Now is the best time of the year to clean your conservatory

as all the moss and algae is wet and supple





                                    SELF CLEANING GLASS


  If you have specified self cleaning glass for your conservatory

  it will stay cleaner for  longer than untreated glass

  However it will need cleaning from time-to-time and 

  depending on the direction your  conservatory is facing and

  where you live, there will be varying amounts of moss and

  lichens appearing and inevitably algae and bird dropping

    that will need to be cleaned off.


Most conservatory roof cleaning can be carried out from ground level with telescopic poles fully extended with an attached water feed. the water fed pole pure water system  will shift most of the dirt although stubborn stains may need to be gently scrubbed before rinsing in clean water.


















  You will need to be more careful cleaning a  polycarbonate roof than a glass one. Common household cleaners can damage the  chemical  coatings the manufacturer may have applied to shield it from the UV rays.


You should check the cleaning  instructions   

provided by the

manufacturer or builder, 

never to use any petrol based cleaner

cleaning the polycarbonate roof with pure water is one of the best ways

to clean this sort of roof






What is the Water Fed Pole System?


A sophisticated water purification unit based in our van

 removes 100% of the impurities in tap water to create "totally pure" water. This totally pure water in its unatural state will literally eat through encrusted Birds Mess, Mildew,

 Algae, Moss etc leaving the Glass and UPVC


                                          totally clean spotless!






Lightweight telescopic poles are


used by us with two feet firmly on the ground to thoroughly clean the Conservatory Roof etc. Because the water


(which is carried in a large tank in our vehicle)

 is devoid of impurities, when it dries the glass & any surface is totally clean & spot fee. You will be amazed by our system and your Conservatory will be transformed back nearly new looking








What are the advantages of having your Conservatory cleaned with poles?


There are many. As already discussed, your frames and sills are cleaned as well as the glass every time you have a clean. The Glass & UPVC stays cleaner longer due to having no washing liquid residue or chemicals etc left in the frames. The system also works brilliantly in the rain enabling regular cleaning all year round, keeping your Conservatory in Tip Top condition! Your frames are safe too, from potential damage when ladders are rested against them to allow access to the Conservatory Roof. Then there's the bottom of the ladder. No more six inch deep ladder holes in your lawn and flower beds! Last but not least, because there are no chemicals involved, water fed poles are better for the environment.


With our specialist unique washing system we can offer an external conservatory wash for very little money. Ideally this wash is carried out every 6 months and will keep the conservatories like new.

(We do not use pressure washers that can cause extensive damage)

we provide specialist cleaning service for all types of conservatories and sealed windows making the structure look almost new again in many cases.

Keeping a conservatory roof clean requires specialist equipment and our specialists are fully equipped with pure water applied at low pressure with specialist equipment ensuring that no damage will be caused to your conservatory.

we can reach up to 45ft with our specialist equipment and in most cases they do not need to use scaffolding.

Don't let annoying problems ruin your conservatory enjoyment

With water fed poles there is no problem and the risks are eliminated, we can clean your conservatory roofs from the ground, we can reach all areas of your glass roof leaving it sparkling clean, conservatory's can be done in a much quicker time as well using water fed poles instead of traditional methods.

It is also a cost effective way and an environmentally friendly way



When we clean your conservatory we clean it from top to bottom

  • Roof frame
  • Roof Glass
  • Ornamental roof parts
  • Guttering inside & outside   
  • Window Glass
  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Window & door sills
  • Down pipes
  • Any panels or cladding 


We can clean  windows above the conservatory your

old window cleaner can not get access too




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