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At Window Cleaning Specialist we pride ourselves on being

A professional cleaning company.


We use the latest unique environmentally-friendly telescopic reach-and-wash cleaning system (100% purified water), which ensures perfect cleaning results and is safe for your solar panels, The reach-and-wash poles make sure the job is performed quickly using minimal water and we make no impact on any of your utilities at all. Our system uses approx. 1.5 litres of water per minute compared to using medium flow mains water at 12 litres per minute. we use no chemicals at all. we clean all residential, business solar systems in Walsall West Midlands





How much will it cost to have your solar panels cleaned?


It really depends on three simple factors:


Accessibility: How difficult is it to access your solar panels?


Current condition: How dirty are your solar panels right now?


Frequency: How often would you like your solar panels cleaned?


For a detailed, customized quote for your unique clean, we recommend obtaining a free estimate today by calling  07522 700 556. Please ask for Lee.





How you benefit   


Don’t lose up to 25% of your power

by not cleaning your solar panels!

Protect your warranty


Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of your solar panels every 24 months.


Solar Panel Cleaning are a necessary part of the system maintenance as all manufacturers require the cleaning of your solar panel system to maintain its warranty. Maximize your system’s full potential and protect your investment.

Save money.


In most cases the amount of money you can save by keeping the system’s surface clean pays for the cost of Cleaning service and puts money back into your pocket.

Dirty panels mean energy output loss.

Call Window Cleaning Specialist  to service your system and start taking advantage of it

working at its optimum efficiency.



So how do you keep solar panels clean?


Being a curious and technically-minded guy, I actually read the small print on the warranty and found another very good reason to keep the solar panels clean – cleaning was required to maintain the warranty. When I asked my local solar shop how I would do that, they laughed and said, “get up there with a bucket of soap and water!”


There had to be a better way


These days many people find even mowing their lawns a struggle, be it time or physical capabilities, so getting up on a roof to clean solar panels was definitely going to be a huge challenge! The height, fitness required, extra long ladders, carrying buckets of water up and down with you as can’t use a hose and the many safety issues makes it too hard and too dangerous. After researching the industry and opportunities,

I decided to introduce a Solar Cleaning Services in to window cleaning specialist cleaning services.






Professional team


Our professional team will  perform a detailed cleaning of your solar panels. This will maximise electrical efficiency and potentially save your home or business



Our professionalism in providing you with the best possible service is of utmost importance to us and any feedback to window cleaning specialist  is strongly encouraged to ensure the best ongoing service being provided to you in the future.












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