About  Lee Bullock



Window Cleaning specialist,has been in the business for a number of years. I have now succeeded in establishing a thriving business.



The success of this local Walsall based venture obviously owes an extensive debt to lee’s unique vision; I saw window cleaning as a career rather than a part-time job and as a result, I felt it was time to bring the occupation up to date. However, my decision to modernize the window cleaning business I did not strip it of its traditional values and still emphasizes the importance of establishing close relationships with my customers.






I do not have a criminal record I treat people how I wish to be treated

I focus on customer satisfaction 100% after all if I was not for my customers

 I would not be where I'am today

Window cleaning specialist is going from strength to strength & I’m always looking how I can make window cleaning specialist stand out from the rest


indeed; Lee claims to think of his company as the fourth emergency service


I admit that customer satisfaction is his top priority.

I confess my favorite part of the job is receiving positive feedback from ecstatic customers

and admit, “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Whilst Lee is still keen to be seen as the face of the business.

Of course, this obviously means I have to work some incredibly long hours

and meet my customer needs .







Despite my accomplishments so far, it seems that Lee is constantly thinking about his next project. Following the success of his window cleaning business, I plan to establish window cleaning specialist by including  Driveway cleaning that will allow me to give my customers a service they can trust;

my feet remain firmly on the ground. Whatever happens, my vows are never to leave window cleaning specialist behind, “I love my job!”